Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kind Words

While unpacking the paintings for the upcoming show, we are also compiling short biographies of each artist included in the show to travel to the exhibits so that everyone can know more about the artists that created the beautiful work they are viewing. While reading Sandy Askey-Adams biography I came across this quote from her and just wanted to share it with all of you and thank her for the kind words. She sees aspects of PaintAmerica other than enjoying the beautiful work but also using art to spread a message. Thanks Sandy!

“And perhaps my paintings will help serve as a reminder of the importance of appreciating, preserving, and taking care of our American landscape and seascape, wildlife and all of nature for the sake of all life on this earth. Through PaintAmerica Top100 and their other competitions, their shows and their selected paintings we may be able to see the beauty of nature and what we would be missing”.
--Sandy Askey-Adams

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