Wednesday, January 14, 2009

PaintAmerica Annnounces 2008 Top100 Winners!

The juror’s scores have been tabulated and the results are in! The 2008 PaintAmerica Top100 $7,500 Grand Prize Purchase Award goes to Johne Richardson, for his painting, “Shadows Upon the Land.” The 2008 PaintAmerica MiniTop50 $2,500 Grand Prize Purchase Award goes to Steven Lesnick, for his painting, “Supper Time.” Top100 Jurors Awards are as follows: “Pumpkin Patch” by David Jackson – Cally Krallman Juror’s Award; “Sausalito Ferry” by Howard Koslow – Henry Dixon Juror’s Award; and “Yellow Slicker” by James Reid – Michael Albrechtsen Juror’s Award.

In the MiniTop50, Juror’s Awards were as follows: “Ethel and Lacey” by Elaine Lierly Jones – Cally Krallman Juror’s Award; “Prairie Picnic” by Eileen Nistler – Henry Dixon Juror’s Award; and “Winter’s Return” by Dan Young – Michael Albrechtsen Juror’s Award.

Click here for a complete list of the winners, including the Second 100 and Seocnd Mini50. All Top100 and MiniTop50 winners will receive a letter in the coming weeks with complete instructions on forwarding their actual artwork. Congratulations to all!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mike Albrechtsen Painting Seminar Well Reviewed

A Painting seminar by Mike Albrechtsen this past Sunday was very well received by all attendees. The seminar, part of PaintAmerica's education mission, was held at Westboro Fine Arts gallery in Topeka, Kansas. It was limited to only 12 participants, so that all attendees could get up close and personal with Mike and his demonstration painting. Participants came from as far as 235 miles away to see Mike's demonstration, and based on comments received, all took away some important information that they felt would make them better artists.

Albrechtsen has painted all over the country, and his works are sought after by many collectors. He teaches at the Scottsdale Art School and the Fredericksburg Art School. His work is in major galleries across the country. He was in Topeka as a juror for the 2008 PaintAmerica Top100 art competition, and graciously agreed to provide this important seminar and demonstration for PaintAmerica.

PaintAmerica Top100 Judging Complete - Look For Results Later This Week

The long juror's weekend is finally complete. This past weekend, jurors Cally Krallman, Mike Albrechtsen and Henry Dixon deliberated over the hundreds of entries that had survived the preliminary jury process. 190 Mini entries made it to the final round of judging, and 309 full-size entries survived the preliminary jury, making a total of 499 entries judged in the final round this past weekend.

It was a grueling process, with judging going until 11:30 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday nights. The juror panel was extremely careful in reviewing each piece, offering excellent comments and critiques. Each piece was scored individually by each judge, and all scoresheets will be tabulated by a third-party to determine the Top100 full-size scores, Top50 Mini scores, and ultimate Grand Prize winners. We'll be posting the Judges Choice Awards to this site later this week, and expect to have the full results back to us and posted on Friday, January 16th. Click on "Posts" in the "become a follower" box at the upper right of this blog, and be automatically notified as soon as the results are posted.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Excitement at PaintAmerica

It’s an exciting time at the PaintAmerica world headquarters.

We’re getting ready for the opening of the Paint The Parks100 at the Westboro Fine Arts gallery in Topeka, which is coming up on Friday, January 16. All the boxes are now unpacked!

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