Wednesday, January 14, 2009

PaintAmerica Annnounces 2008 Top100 Winners!

The juror’s scores have been tabulated and the results are in! The 2008 PaintAmerica Top100 $7,500 Grand Prize Purchase Award goes to Johne Richardson, for his painting, “Shadows Upon the Land.” The 2008 PaintAmerica MiniTop50 $2,500 Grand Prize Purchase Award goes to Steven Lesnick, for his painting, “Supper Time.” Top100 Jurors Awards are as follows: “Pumpkin Patch” by David Jackson – Cally Krallman Juror’s Award; “Sausalito Ferry” by Howard Koslow – Henry Dixon Juror’s Award; and “Yellow Slicker” by James Reid – Michael Albrechtsen Juror’s Award.

In the MiniTop50, Juror’s Awards were as follows: “Ethel and Lacey” by Elaine Lierly Jones – Cally Krallman Juror’s Award; “Prairie Picnic” by Eileen Nistler – Henry Dixon Juror’s Award; and “Winter’s Return” by Dan Young – Michael Albrechtsen Juror’s Award.

Click here for a complete list of the winners, including the Second 100 and Seocnd Mini50. All Top100 and MiniTop50 winners will receive a letter in the coming weeks with complete instructions on forwarding their actual artwork. Congratulations to all!

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