Friday, December 19, 2008

Cally Krallman, Michael Albrechtsen and Henry Dixon Named 2008 PaintAmerica Top100 Jurors

The 2008 PaintAmerica Top100 competition will be juried January 9 – 11, 2009. The jury panel includes three nationally prominent artists from varied disciplines. PaintAmerica is proud to have such a distinguished juror panel for this years’ competition…

Henry W. Dixon is a realist painter working predominately in watercolor. Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Dixon grew up in Chicago, and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art and Master of Arts Degree in Graphic Design. Dixon was selected out of over 22,000 entries from Fifty-one countries around the world to represent the United States in London, England at the Winsor and Newton World-Wide Millennium Painting Competition, "Our World in the Year 2000." Prince Charles of Wales chaired the panel of world-renowned judges. The exhibition was also shown in Stockholm, Sweden and the United Nations Building in New York City. Dixon was also selected as the artist to represent the State of Missouri for the 2001 White House Calendar. He was named to the 2007 Best of America Artists and Artisans. Henry is a signature member of the Natonal Watercolor Society (NWS)

Michael Albrechtsen was raised in Bountiful, Utah and earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Utah State University. After graduation, Michael was offered a position with Hallmark and moved to Kansas City. Michael is fascinated by landscapes but also loves painting figures. During his employment with Hallmark he was in a unique position where he was allowed to use his experience as a landscape and figure painter to do specialty cards. Michael is in demand as an instructor at both the Scottsdale Artists School and the Fredericksburg Artists School. He exhibits across the country, and is shown in fine galleries including the Craghead Gallery in Carmel, The Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale and Jackson, the Demott Gallery at Vail, Whistle Pik Galleries in Fredericksburg, and Highlands Art Gallery in Chester, New Jersey.

Cally Krallman has been painting for over 20 years. She has traveled and painted in many places throughout the world, but is still drawn to the simplistic beauty of the Midwest states. She enjoys painting "en plein aire", and many of her works are painted on location. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and has studied with Phil Starke, Kim English, Michael Albrechtson, and William Scott Jennings among others. Her work has been exhibited across the country including OPA and Salon International exhibits, as well as in Georgia of the former Soviet Union. Cally’s work has been featured in several publications and is held in many private and public art collections. She is a member of Oil Painters of America and American Women Artists.

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