Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lee Alban and Karen Wickham works from the PaintAmerica Top100

Today's featured artists include two painters that are new to PaintAmerica shows.

Lee Alban broke into his first PaintAmerica show in a big way - with two paintings in the Top100 and two in the Mini Top50 Classically trained at the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore, his paintings are noted for their depth and color. His winning paintings show the broad range of subject, media and versatility. His two Top100 works are 18" x 24" oil "Yellow Hibiscus" ($5,000) and 25"x30" oil "Family Tradition" ($7,000).  In the mini competition, Lee placed with 10"x8" oil "American Graffitti" ($2,200) and 11"x14" watercolor "Bandelier National Monument" ($1,400). Lee's work has been exhibited in numerous museums and galleries and have won awards in every genre. His pieces are frequently featured in books, as well as national and international publications.

Karen Wickham is a California realist. Karen is both a scientist, with a doctorate in Biochemistry from UCLA, and an artist. She sees similarities between the two fields. Her work has evolved from a more minimalist, abstract approach to a more realistic feel. We think she has found a good balance in her recent work - often referred to as Painterly Realism. The piece pictured here was a 2009 PaintAmerica Top100 winner entitled "Ocean Shoreline," a 36"x18"oil ($1,700). Karen also had a mini painting in the Second Mini50. We're glad to have her work in the show, and look forward to seeing more in the future.

For more information, or to purchase, contact PaintAmerica Association, 816.806.3340

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