Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Featured artists: Lyn Asselta and Laurie Warren

Florida pastel artist Lyn Asselta made her first appearance in the PaintAmerica Top100 this past year. Having had the good fortune to live in places that offered up amazing scenery, from the marshes and inland waterways of Florida to the rock-bound coast of Maine, Lyn's paintings tend to focus on  the coastal landscape.  Never far from the ocean, pastel as a medium, allows Lyn to capture the essence of places that still possess a wild, natural beauty.   In 2009, Lyn had the honor of being an Artist in Residence for the National Park Service at Acadia National Park in Maine. Her winning 14" x 20" painting, "Blue Sky at Bass Harbor" ($850) is an example of the vibrant, expressive, and exuberant pastel work she is known for.
West Virginia artist Laurie Warren's artwork has been exhibited in national and international shows. She is a signature member of several Watercolor Societies. In 2008, Laurie was chosen as one of the top 100 artists in the Paint the Parks100 Competition. She has studied under various nationally-known artists, and each year she travels to workshops in different states to pick up local influences to include in her work. Continual learning has been an important part of developing her special style. Laurie and her husband also raise American Paint Horses. In the 2009 PaintAmerica Top100, jurors chose Laurie's 22"x30" watercolor painting "Welcome to Helena" ($3,000) to be in this national traveling show.

Both of these wonderful paintings are available from PaintAmerica Association, 816.806.3340.

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